Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases

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For professors who want their students to understand the practical application of strategic management, David provides a skills-based, practitioner-oriented focus.

Q. Is it important for your students to understand the practitioner side of strategy rather than a theory/research approach?

David meets the AACSB guidelines which support a practitioner approach. Skills that are learned include: developing a vision and mission statement; performing an external audit; conducting an internal assessment; and formulating, implementing, and evaluating strategies.

Other Key Points of Distinction

Q. Would your students find it helpful to have a strategic-management model that appears in every chapter?

David introduces a simple strategic-management model, which is widely used by consultants and companies, in the front cover of the book, and it is subsequently used in each chapter.

Q. Do your students struggle with case analysis?

After chapter 1 there is a Cohesion Case (Google), which is revisited in every chapter, allowing students to apply the concepts learned to a familiar case.

Q. Do you have your students use the internet for assignments or research?

“Visit the Net” exercises are available online at www. prenhall. com/david or at www. strategyclub. com. These exercises and suggested websites can enhance the students learning by providing additional materials about the concepts discussed in the book.

Q. Are global issues, the natural environment, and e-commerce important themes in your course?

NEW! There are new global (pg. x), e-commerce(pg. x), and natural environment (pg. x) boxes inserted in every chapter.

Q. Would you like your students to read selections about new and relevant strategic management research?

NEW! In the new edition of David, there are new current readings at the end of each chapter (pg. x).

Q. Is ethics an important topic in your course?

NEW! Coverage on corporate fraud, scandals, illegalities. Emphasizes “good ethics is good business”.

PART 1 &
Overview of Strategic Management


The Nature of Strategic Management

Cohesion Case: Google, Inc.– 2005

PART 2 &
Strategy Formulation


The Business Vision and Mission


The External Assessment


The Internal Assessment


Strategies in Action


Strategy Analysis and Choice

PART 3 &
Strategy Implementation


Implementing Strategies: Management and Operations Issues


Implementing Strategies: Marketing, Finance/Accounting, R&D,
and MIS Issues

PART 4 &
Strategy Evaluation


Strategy Review, Evaluation,
and Control

PART 5 &

Strategic Management Case Analysis

How to Prepare and Present a Case Analysis

Name Index

Subject Index

Company Index.


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