Spectacular Chemical Experiments

Spectacular Chemical Experiments
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Foreword. Preface. Part I: Water. Experiment 1 Spontaneous ignition by adding water. Experiment 2 Blowing-up an iron ball. Experiment 3 Hydration. Experiment 4 Osmosis. Experiment 5 Re-gelation of ice. Experiment 6 Sugar coal by splitting off water from sugar with sulfuric acid. Experiment 7 Sodium billiards. Experiment 8 Boiling water in a paper bowl. Experiment 9 The density differences of H2O and D2O. Experiment 10 Fire under water. Experiment 11 Safe production of detonating gas. Experiment 12 Fuel cell for hydrogen and oxygen. Experiment 13 Hydrogen in status nascendi. Experiment 14 Effusion of hydrogen. Experiment 15 Freezing mixture. Experiment 16 Rapid crystallization. Experiment 17 Magic eggs. Experiment 18 Colored kinetics. Experiment 19 Flushing peppermint tea. Experiment 20 Chemiluminescence. Experiment 21 The colors white-yellow-black. Experiment 22 Nitrogen and hydrogen by electrolysis. Experiment 23 Demonstration of the plasma state: "A sparkling cross." Part II: The color blue. Experiment 24 Witching hour. Experiment 25 Molybdenum blue. Experiment 26 Combustion of sulfur in oxygen. Experiment 27 Phosphorus salt pearl or cobalt salt pearl. Experiment 28 Fehling’s solution. Experiment 29 Activated carbon decolorizes water blue. Experiment 30 Blue bottle – The blue miracle. Experiment 31 Generation of blue (N2O3) dinitrogen trioxide. Experiment 32 Bleaching with a household product. Experiment 33 Ink blue – solvated electrons. Part III: The color red. Experiment 34 Purple or colorless – an entertaining demonstration. Experiment 35 A "red component" in newspapers. Experiment 36 Bleaching of tomato juice with chlorine on a micro scale. Experiment 37 Production of non-drinkable red wine. Experiment 38 Red wine as a color indicator. Part IV: Colloids, sols, and gels. Experiment 39 Silica gel from alkali silicates. Experiment 40 Red gold. Experiment 41 Red gold sol. Experiment 42 Blue gold sol. Experiment 43 Cherry red gold sol. Experiment 44 The blue gold. Experiment 45 Silver sol by electric discharge. Experiment 46 How to make a silver sol. Experiment 47 The reaction of silver nitrate with tannin. Part V: Fascinating experiments by self-organization. Experiment 48 Dissipative structures: Chemical patterns in aqueous solution. Experiment 49 Acidic acid butyl ester in the presence of bromocresol green. Experiment 50 Precipitation using the gas phase. Experiment 51 Methods become accepted: Nessler’s reagent and gaseous ammonia. Experiment 52 Reduction of KMnO4 with ethyl alcohol. Experiment 53 Alcohol test. Experiment 54 An old hat with new feathers: the precipitation of AgCl with HCl gas. Part VI: Chemical varieties. Experiment 55 A chemical buoy. Experiment 56 Flower power. Experiment 57 Münchhausen: the fl ying styrofoam ball. Experiment 58 The remarkable rocket. Experiment 59 Eatable burning banana. Experiment 60 Burning pecan. Experiment 61 Sparks and shining fire. Experiment 62 Like magic . . . the reduction of copper oxide. Experiment 63 Electric current from a beer can. Experiment 64 Magnesium powder burning in the air. Experiment 65 The alchemist’s gold. Experiment 66 Imitate a spider. Experiment 67 Is it methyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol? Experiment 68 Oxygen content of the air. Experiment 69 Rapid rust. Experiment 70 Shining dry ice. Experiment 71 Smoke rings. Experiment 72 Saturn’s rings. Experiment 73 Oxygen from Ag2O. Experiment 74 Flour dust explosion. Experiment 75 Bromine and potassium. Experiment 76 Current-free shining flat-bottomed cylinder. Experiment 77 Rotating advertising column. Experiment 78 S4N4 – A pick-me-up. Experiment 79 Thunderclap. Experiment 80 A heavyweight does not stick to the bottom. Experiment 81 Icarus and the sun. Experiment 82 Disposal of sodium and potassium residues. Part VII: The art gallery of chemistry. Experiment 83 Color composition: Chemistry is art. Experiment 84 Underwater dance. Experiment 85 Blue mist. Experiment 86 Colorful clouds. Conclusion. Index. Professor Herbert W. Roesky (born in 1935) is Professor for Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Gottingen. As departmental director at the University of Frankfurt/Main and Gottingen for many years, he has influenced the development of Inorganic Chemistry in Germany as nobody else. Since ever his special concern was focused on promoting students and youngster's interest in chemistry, which is supported by his several book publications and an annual christmas lecture given at the University of Gottingen. Besides numerous honory doctorates he was awarded with the Leibniz Prize and the Grand Prix de la Maison de Chimie. For his book "Chemische Kabinettst", which was translated in many languages, he received the Literaturpreis of the "Fond der chemischen Industrie".


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