Schaechter's Mechanisms of Microbial Disease

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ISBN: 9781975165765
Anul publicării: 2022
Ediția: 6
Pagini: 880
Categoria: Microbiology


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Known for generations as the most comprehensive foundational text on medical microbiology, Schaechter's Mechanisms of Microbial Disease delivers a thorough understanding of microbial agents and the pathophysiology of microbial diseases. This trusted text is universally praised for "telling the story of a pathogen" in an engaging way, facilitating learning and recall by emphasizing unifying principles and paradigms. Content is uniquely organized by microbial class and by organ system, making it equally at home in traditional and systems-based curricula.
This updated 6th Edition reflects the latest advances in the field, including significant enhancements to the coverage of serious threats to global health (including COVID-19), respiratory and childhood viruses, and sexually transmitted diseases. New illustrations and additional learning features further clarify concepts, reinforce understanding, and help users confidently prepare for board exams and beyond.

  • Abundant full-color images clarify microbial concepts, structures, and processes in vivid detail.
  • New Subject Review Tables broaden students’ understanding of chapter content with additional context and detail.
  • Paradigm boxes reinforce general principles through key examples.
  • Case Studies with problem-solving questions, questions provide insight into clinical applications of microbiology, challenge students to apply what they’ve learned to common clinical scenarios.
  • Key Concepts keep students focused on essential information.
  • Suggested Readings guide students to relevant field research.
  • Bolded Terms familiarize students with new or challenging terms. 
  • New content related to the COVID-19 pandemic concerning the virology, clinical features, treatment, and prevention of coronaviruses added to several relevant chapters prepares students for the clinical challenges ahead. 

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