Poisoning and Drug Overdose
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Poisoning and Drug Overdose

Poisoning and Drug Overdose
PRP: 228,00 lei
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ISBN: 9781264827237
Anul publicării: 2022
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A fully updated edition of the most popular guide to managing toxic exposures and ingestions—now streamlined to help readers find the right answers more quickly than ever

Designed for speed of use during toxicologic emergencies, Poisoning and Drug Overdose delivers the critical information doctors, nurses, and others need to diagnose and manage drug-related emergencies and chemical exposures.

Updated with newly released drugs and new information on existing drugs, this instant-answer guide covers initial emergency management, including treatment of coma, seizures and hypotension; physical and laboratory diagnosis; and methods of decontamination and enhanced elimination of poisons. It provides detailed information on hundreds of common drugs and poisons, describes the use and side effects of antidotes and therapeutic drugs, and
medical management of chemical spills and occupational chemical exposures.

•Market: Emergency Physicians (45, 000); Emergency Nurses (90, 000); Emergency Medicine Residents & Fellows (5, 800); Other Physicians in ER Settings (20, 000)
•Content has been condensed and redesigned to make finding answers more quickly and easily
•Coverage of environmental toxins such as mold, asbestos, and others
•Includes new drugs and updated information on existing drugs
•Special pregnancy considerations
•Packed with useful tables
•Detailed toxicity and workplace exposure guidelines for 500+ industrial chemicals
•Extensive cross-referencing

Kent R. Olson, MD, FACEP, FACMT, FAACT, (San Francisco, CA) is former Medical Director, California Poison Control System, San Francisco Division (retired); and Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of California.

Craig Smollin, MD, FACMT, (San Francisco, CA) is Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, University of California San Francisco; UCSF Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program Director; and Medical Director, California Poison Control System, San Francisco Division.


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