Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation

Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation
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Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation is a comprehensive and succinct text on all aspects of pediatric solid organ transplantation. It provides a ready source of reference, to both the basic science and organ specific surgical technique and after care. This second edition has been extensively updated in light of recent developments in this rapidly advancing area.
The only textbook devoted to the field of pediatric transplantation

A definitive reference for all those interested in improving the care and quality of life of children undergoing solid organ transplantation

Section on immunosuppression has been expanded by four chapters to include sections on;
- mechanisms of action
- therapies for the sensitized patient
- post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders
- organ toxicities of immunosuppressive therapy

A new section has been added on the many topics related to quality of life that effect survivors of pediatric transplantation

International editorial and contributor team represents a wide geographical range and contains both recognized leaders and emerging experts

Whether you are an established sub-specialist in pediatric transplantation, a transplant surgeon, or a pediatric specialist in a related area, this book will answer all your questions about care of the pediatric patient before, during, and after transplantation.

Section 1 Immunology and Genetics.
1 The Immune Response to Organ Allografts.

Manikkam Suthanthiran.

2 Allorecognition Pathways.

Nader Najafian and Mohamed H. Sayegh.

3 Costimulation.

Elizabeth Ingulli and David M. Briscoe.

4 The HLA System and Histocompatibility Testing for Organ Transplantation.

René J. Duquesnoy.

5 Gene Polymorphisms and Pharmacogenomics.

Robyn Temple-Smolkin, Gilbert J. Burckart and Adriana Zeevi.

6 Genomics and Proteomics as Research Tools.

Elaine S. Mansfield and Minnie M. Sarwal.

7 Tolerance: A Review of its Mechanisms in the Transplant Setting.

Alan D. Salama.

Section 2 Immunosuppression and its Complications.

8 Mechanisms of Action of Immunosuppressive Agents.

Alan M. Krensky.

9 Induction and Maintenance Immunosuppression.

William E. Harmon.

10 Novel Immunosuppressants.

Flavio Vincenti and Ryutaro Hirose.

11 Therapies for the Allosensitized Patient.

Alice Peng and Stanley C. Jordan.

12 Infections Post-Transplantation.

Michael Green and Marian G. Michaels.

13 Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders and Malignancy.

Steven A. Webber and Michael Green.

14 Organ Toxicities.

Vikas R. Dharnidharka, Carlos E. Araya and Mark R. Benfield.

Section 3 Kidney Transplantation.

15 Historical Notes.

Vassilios E. Papalois and John S. Najarian.

16 Recipient Characteristics.

Sharon M. Bartosh.

17 Evaluation of the Candidate.

Uptal D. Patel and Susan E. Thomas.

18 Donor Evaluation, Surgical Technique and Perioperative Management.

Zoran Vukcevic, Demetrius Ellis, Mark Bellinger and Ron Shapiro.

19 Pathology of the Kidney Allograft.

Arthur H. Cohen.

20 Post-Transplant Management.

Jodi M. Smith and Ruth A. McDonald.

21 Outcomes and Risk Factors.

Alicia M. Neu and Barbara A. Fivush.

Section 4 Liver Transplantation.

22 Historical Notes.

Silvio Nadalin, Massimo Malagó and Christoph E. Broelsch.

23 Recipient Characteristics.

Udeme D. Ekong, Estella M. Alonso and Peter F. Whitington.

24 Evaluation of the Candidate.

Binita M. Kamath and Elizabeth B. Rand.

25 Donor Evaluation, Surgical Technique and Perioperative Management.

Jean C. Emond, Steven J. Lobritto and Dominique Jan.

26 Pathology of the Liver Allograft.

Maria Parizhskaya and Ronald Jaffe.

27 Post-Transplant Management.

Kyle Soltys, Robert Squires, Rakesh Sindhi and George V. Mazariegos.

28 Outcomes and Risk Factors.

Marc L. Melcher and John P. Roberts.

Section 5 Heart Transplantation.

29 Historical Notes.

Steven A. Webber and William H. Neches.

30 Recipient Characteristics.

Charles E. Canter and David C. Naftel.

31 Evaluation of the Candidate.

Gerard J. Boyle.

32 Donor Evaluation, Surgical Technique and Perioperative Management.

Frank A. Pigula and Steven A. Webber.

33 Pathology of the Cardiac Allograft.

Maria Parizhskaya.

34 Post-Transplant Management.

Shelley D. Miyamoto and Biagio A. Pietra.

35 Outcomes and Risk Factors.

W. Robert Morrow and Richard E. Chinnock.

Section 6 Lung and Heart-Lung Transplantation.

36 Historical Notes.

Eric N. Mendeloff.

37 Recipient Characteristics.

Eithne F. MacLaughlin.

38 Evaluation of the Candidate.

Albert Faro, Gary Visner and George B. Mallory.

39 Donor Evaluation, Surgical Technique and Perioperative Management.

Charles B. Huddleston.

40 Pathology of the Lung Allograft.

Paul S. Dickman.

41 Post-Transplant Management.

Marlyn S. Woo.

42 Outcomes and Risk Factors.

Stuart C. Sweet.

Section 7 Intestinal Transplantation.

43 Historical Notes.

Jorge Reyes.

44 Recipient Characteristics.

Jean F. Botha and Debra L. Sudan.

45 Evaluation of the Candidate.

Stuart S. Kaufman.

46 Donor Evaluation, Surgical Technique and Perioperative Management.

Thomas M. Fishbein and Cal S. Matsumoto.

47 Pathology of the Intestinal Allograft.

Maria Parizhskaya and Ronald Jaffe.

48 Post-Transplant Management.

Erick Hernandez, Tomoaki Kato, Andreas G. Tzakis and John F. Thompson.

49 Outcomes and Risk Factors.

Douglas G. Farmer.

Section 8 Special Issues after Pediatric Transplantation.

50 Growth and Puberty.

Franz Schaefer.

51 Cognitive Development.

Erik Qvist, Hannu Jalanko and Christer Holmberg.

52 Psychosocial Adaptation and Adherence.

Eyal Shemesh.

53 Pregnancy.

Vincent T. Armenti, Michael J. Moritz and John M. Davison.

54 Gynecologic Issues.

Gina S. Sucato and Pamela J. Murray.

55 Transition to Adult Care.

Janet McDonagh and Deirdre A. Kelly.


Professor Richard Fine, Professor and Chairman, Department of Paediatrics, State University of New York, USA

Dr Steve Webber, Division of Cardiology, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, USA

Dr William Harman, Associate Professor of Paediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.


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