Midnight Club
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Midnight Club

Midnight Club
PRP: 53,40 lei
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Preț: 48,06 lei
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ISBN: 9781665930307
Anul publicării: 2022
Pagini: 224
Categoria: 12+ years


From the author of The Wicked Heart and The Immortal comes a beautiful and haunting novel about a group of five terminally ill teenagers whose midnight stories become their reality.

Rotterham Home is a hospice for young people—a place where teenagers with terminal illnesses go to die. Nobody who checks in ever checks out. But five teens find a way to make their own adventure in this place of pain and sorrow.

They call themselves the Midnight Club and take turns telling each other stories every night at twelve—ones filled with intrigue and horror, of life and death, stories that are true, made-up, or somewhere in between. One night, in the middle of a particularly scary story, the friends make a pact: The first one of them to die is to make every effort to contact the others from beyond the grave.

Then one of them dies, and the last midnight story begins.


Christopher Pike is a bestselling author of young adult novels. The Thirst series, The Secret of Ka, and the Remember Me and Alosha trilogies are some of his favorite titles. He is also the author of several adult novels, including Sati and The Season of Passage. Pike currently lives in Santa Barbara, where it is rumored he never leaves his house. But he can be found online at Facebook. com/ChristopherPikeBooks.


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