Legal Concepts and Best Practices in Obstetrics: Nuts and Bolts Guide to Mitigating Risk

Legal Concepts and Best Practices in Obstetrics: Nuts and Bolts Guide to Mitigating Risk
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Anul publicării: 2020
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Legal Concepts and Best Practices in Obstetrics provides valuable information on the medical legal aspects of obstetrics, offering an important learning opportunity for obstetricians and trainees, as well as midwives, nurses, attorneys, and hospital administrators. Written by Dr. Steven Warsof, a seasoned maternal-fetal medicine specialist with extensive experience in the legal aspects of obstetrics, this unique resource not only familiarizes readers with today’s medical legal process, but also presents case studies on common medical legal issues with commentary on how outcomes might have been improved.
  • Provides a comprehensive summary of each case along with the clinical outcome, perspectives of the plaintiff and defendant, outcome of the case (when known), best practices for prevention (with a focus on preventable vs. non-preventable risk), standard points of care, and key takeaway points.
  • Offers best practices for prevention and highlights key learning points for minimizing preventable risk.
  • Includes chapters by notable maternal-fetal medicine specialists and attorneys with expertise in this complex area.

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