How To Write a Paper
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How To Write a Paper

How To Write a Paper
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ISBN: 9780470672204
Anul publicării: 2013
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This concise paperback is one of the best known guides to writing a paper for publication in biomedical journals. Its straightforward format – a chapter covering each of part of the structured abstract – makes it relevant and easy to use for any novice paper writer.

How to Write a Paper addresses the mechanics of submission, including electronic submission, and how publishers handle papers, writing letters to journals abstracts for scientific meetings, and assessing papers. This new edition also covers how to write a book review and updated chapters on ethics, electronic publication and submission, and the movement for open access.

Preface to Fourth Edition

Preface to Fifth Edition

1 Structure of a scientific paper
George M. Hall

2 Introductions
Richard Smith

3 Methods
Gordon B. Drummond

4 Results
Charles W. Hogue

5 Discussion
George M. Hall

6 Titles, abstracts and authors
Kevin W. Eva

7 Who should be an Author?
Richard Horton

8 References
Simon Howell and Liz Neilly

9 Electronic submissions
Michael Willis

10 Open Access
Mark Ware

11 How to write a letter
Michael Doherty

12 How to prepare an abstract for a scientific meeting
Robert N. Allan

13 How to write a case report
Martin Neil Rossor

14 How to write a review
Paul Glasziou

15 How to write a book review
Mark W. Davies and Luke A. Jardine

16 The role of manuscript assessor
Domhnall MacAuley

17 The role of editor
Jennifer M. Hunter

18 What a publisher does
Gavin Sharrock and Elizabeth Whelan

19 Style: what it is and why it matters
Sharon Leng

20 Ethics of publication
Chris Graf and Elissa Wilson



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