Emergency Medicine: Inside Edge
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Emergency Medicine: Inside Edge

Emergency Medicine: Inside Edge
Preț: 159,40 lei
167,79 lei (-5%)
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ISBN: 9781496386021
Anul publicării: 2018
Pagini: 206


Concise, evidence based, and packed with quick-reference features, Emergency Medicine: The Inside Edge is your go-to source for fast, accurate decision making in emergency situations. It provides vital information on 81 frequently seen conditions –right in the pocket of your scrubs. 
  • Brief, evidence-based content that facilitates the thought process for quick, informed decision making – essential for every emergency health care provider.
  • Validated scoring systems to support clinical decision making and justify treatment.
  • Vibrant, full-color design and a readable font make reference quick and easy.
  • A useful appendix contains quick-reference tables and figures on topics like myocardial infarctions, pediatric vitals, insulin scales, and more.
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