Donald School Embryo as a Person and as a Patient

Donald School Embryo as a Person and as a Patient
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Anul publicării: 2019
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1. Neurogenetic Processes in the Lateral Telencephalon during Intrauterine Development of the Human Embryo
2. Morphogenetic and Differentiation Powers of the Human Embryo
3. Sonoembryology
4. Controversies on the Beginning of Human Life
5. Embryonic and Early Fetal Abnormalities Diagnosed with Three-dimensional Ultrasound in the 1st Trimester
6. Behavior of the Embryo
7. Pre-embryo: Medical, Moral and Legal Aspects
8. The Moral Status of the Embryo in Professional Obstetric Ethics
9. Invasive Diagnostic Procedures in Embryonic Period
10. The First Four Weeks: Ultrasound and Doppler Assessment of Normal and Abnormal Implantation
11. Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Embryonic Cardiac Development
12. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
13. Vanishing Twin Syndrome
14. Genomic Editing, Human Enhancement and Transhumanism: A Brief Overview


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