Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry
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Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry

Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry
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ISBN: 9780323721721
Anul publicării: 2022
Ediția: 6
Pagini: 1000
Categoria: Pathology


Through five well-regarded editions, Dr. David Dabbs’ Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry has set the standard for concise, complete, guidance on the use and interpretation of immunohistochemical stains. The 6th Edition continues this tradition of excellence, bringing you fully up to date with all aspects of this dynamic field. Easy to use and understand, this practical resource distills the large body of information on immunohistochemistry into a single, convenient reference that is invaluable for today’s surgical pathologists. 

Key Features

  • Covers all aspects of the field, with an emphasis on the role of genomics in diagnosis and theranostic applications that will better inform treatment options. 

  • Includes the latest grading schemes in several organs along with new antibodies to cover more genomic immunohistochemistry applications. 

  • Contains current biomarker guidelines and up-to-date references throughout. 

  • Offers a systematic approach to the diagnostic entities of each organ system, including detailed differential diagnoses, diagnostic algorithms, and immunohistograms that depict immunostaining patterns of tumors. 

  • Contains numerous charts and tables, as well as 1, 500 high-quality color histologic images that assist in making a definitive diagnosis. 

  • Discusses diagnostic pitfalls through immunohistologic differential diagnosis wherever appropriate so you can provide the most accurate diagnoses. 

  • Covers many more antigens than other texts, and discusses antibody specifications with tables that convey information on uses, clones, vendors, sources, antibody titers, and types of antigen retrieval. 

  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. 



1. Techniques of Immunohistochemistry: Principles, Pitfalls, and Standardization
2. Molecular Anatomic Pathology: Principles, Techniques, and Application to Immunohistologic Diagnosis
3. Immunohistology of Infectious Diseases
4. Immunohistology of Neoplasms of Soft Tissue and Bone
5. Immunohistology of Bone Marrow, Spleen and Histiocytic Disorders
6. Immunohistology of Lymph Node and Lymph Node Neoplasms
7. Immunohistology of Melanocytic Neoplasms
8. Immunohistology of Metastatic Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Site
9. Immunohistology of Head and Neck Lesions
10. Immunohistology of Endocrine Tumors
11. Immunohistology of the Mediastinum
12. Immunohistology of Lung and Pleural Neoplasms
13. Immunohistology of Skin Tumors
14. Immunohistology of the Gastrointestinal Tract
15. Immunohistology of Pancreas and Hepatobiliary Tract
16. Immunohistology of the Prostate
17. Immunohistology of the Bladder, Kidney, and Testis
18. Immunohistology of the Female Genital Tract
19. Immunohistology of the Breast
20. Immunohistology of the Nervous System
21. Immunocytology
22. Immunohistology of Pediatric Neoplasms
23. Imaging and Quantitative Immunohistochemistry


Author Information

Edited by David J Dabbs, MD, Professor of Pathology, University of Hawaii, John A Burns School of Medicine


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