Clinical Dermatology: Diagnosis and Management of Common Disorders

Clinical Dermatology: Diagnosis and Management of Common Disorders
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A concise yet comprehensive guide to dermatologic diagnosis and treatment—complete with cases, Q&As, videos, and hundreds of photos

This expertly written, evidence-based guide provides the information and insight readers need to provide accurate assessments and effective care of skin conditions.

Clinical Dermatology, Second Edition clearly and systematically reviews the 100 most common skin disorders seen in a general dermatology clinic. This comprehensive resource is concise enough that it can be read cover to cover during a clerkship or during the first weeks of a residency. Step-by-step instructions and videos walk readers through common biopsy and diagnostic procedures, and high-quality photos illustrate typical and atypical presentations of common skin diseases. Additional features include treatment algorithms, infographics, common pearls and pitfalls, diagnostic list of diseases based on the primary lesion either as a chapter or subsection, and a problem-oriented section for difficult to diagnose cases.

  • Market: Second-year students taking introductory courses and third- and fourth-year year students on dermatology clinical rotations (5, 000); first-year dermatology residents (1, 500) fellows (700+); primary-care residents entering outpatient clinics (55, 000); dermatology nurse practitioners (3, 700); dermatology physician assistants (5, 000); physicians (250, 000)
  • 12 videos and 350+ photos
  • NEW chapters cover skin of color, tropical and wilderness medicine, telemedicine, pediatric dermatology, occupational Skin Diseases, LGBTQ and geriatric populations, and other important topics
  • Online bonus content with updated PowerPoint lectures and quizzes—ideal for students, residents, and faculty
  • Links to journal review articles and academic dermatology sites with content for primary care and other informative websites


1. Structure and Functions of the Skin
2. Morphology and Terminology of Skin Lesions
3. History and Physical Examination of the Skin, Hair, and Nails
4. Diagnostic Procedures
5. Principles of Diagnosis
6. Principles of Management
7. Dermatologic Procedures

8. Dermatitis
9. Psoriasis and Other Papulosquamous Diseases
10. Superficial Fungal Infections
11. Viral Infections of the Skin
12. Bacterial Infections
13. Infestations and Bites
14. Urticaria and Drug Rashes
15. Acne, Rosacea, and Related Disorders
16. Benign Tumors and Vascular Lesions
17. Actinic Keratosis, Basal, and Squamous CellCarcinoma
18. Nevi and Melanoma
19. Hair Disorders
20. Nail Disorders
21. Pigment Disorders
22. Immunobullous Diseases
23. Erythema Multiforme, Stevens–JohnsonSyndrome, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome
24. Skin Signs of Systemic Disease

25. The DifferentialDiagnosis of Purpura
26. Pruritus in Patients with No Underlying SkinDisease
27. Fever and Rash
28. Hospital-Acquired Rashes
29. Leg Ulcers
30. Skin Diseases of the Scalp
31. Skin Diseases of the Face
32. Skin Diseases of the Arms
33. Skin Diseases of the Hands
34. Skin Diseases of the Trunk
35. Skin Diseases of the Legs
36. Skin Diseases of the Feet
37. Skin Diseases Involving Multiple BodyRegions
38. Diseases of the Oral Cavity
39. Diseases of the Genitals and Perineum
40. Cosmetic Concerns

41. Skin of Color
42. Tropical and Wilderness Medicine
43. Telemedicine
44. Pediatric Dermatology
45. Cutaneous Disorders in the Immunosuppressed Patient
46. Complementary Medicine for Cutaneous Disorders
47. Occupational Skin Diseases
48. Dermoscopy
49. Dermatopathology
50. LGBTQ Populations
51. Geriatric Populations
52. Cases and Q&A



Carol Soutor, MD, (Minneapolis, MN), a practicing dermatologist, is an adjunct professor in the Department of Dermatology and staffs clinics at the Minneapolis Veterans Hospital and practiced for over 30 years at HealthPartners.

Maria K. Hordinsky, MD, (Minneapolis, MN) is Professor and Chair of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, and Director of the Clinical Research Division. An expert in hair diseases and the peripheral nervous system as it relates to hair follicle biology, she serves as president of the North American Hair Research Society; Immediate Past Chair, Scientific Advisory Council of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation; Member, Board of Directors, Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation; Association of Professors of Dermatology, Representative to the Council of Academic Societies of the AAMC; Section Editor, UpToDate, Hair Diseases.


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