Bridge Design Construction and Maintenance

Bridge Design Construction and Maintenance
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Anul publicării: 2007
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Bridge engineering not only requires a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of design and construction techniques, but also demands that the challenge of the long-term behaviour and maintenance of such structures is met. This requires an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach built on a sound foundation of experience and research.

ICE organised an international conference on current and future trends in bridge design, construction and maintenance, in conjunction with a team of world-renowned bridge engineers and international organisations, in order to share new findings and maintain progress in of bridge engineering.

This book contains the proceedings of the conference held on 17 and 18 September 2007 including presentations from twenty-five countries. It outlines each session from the conference - highlighting innovation and best practice in the field of bridge engineering. The book supports practitioners in implementing the discussed methods of practice by presenting the exchange of ideas and further information in a concise manner.

The papers presented in this book are categorised under the following themes:

  • State-of-the-art in long-span bridges
  • Lessons that can be learnt from the past
  • Advances in the understanding of the structural behaviour of bridges
  • Durability, structural reliability, risk management and health monitoring
  • Bridge management and its relationship with infrastructure management
  • Innovation in bridge design, construction and repair
  • The future of condition monitoring, assessment and maintenance
  • Measure and monitoring of bridge deformations and deflection
  • From the past to the future

Organising Committee

  • Dr Robert Lark, Cardiff University, UK (Chairman)
  • Professor Joan Casas, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
  • Dr Stuart Davis, Mott Macdonald, UK
  • Professor Dan Frangopol, University of Colorado, USA
  • Mr Naeem Hussain, Ove Arup & Partners, Hong Kong
  • Professor Liu Xila, Chinese Civil Engineering Society, China
  • Mr Barry Mawson, Structures and Buildings Board ICE, UK
  • Professor Andrezej Nowak, University of Nebraska, USA
  • Dr Gethin Wyn Roberts, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Mr Gandhi Suppiah, GS Technology Consultants Ltd, UK

Technical Advisory Group

  • Professor Ben Barr, Cardiff University, UK
  • Mr Mike Chubb, Atkins Global, UK
  • Professor Aarne Jutila, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
  • Dr Donald Pearson-Kirk, AccordMP, UK
  • Professor Lin Shaopei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  • Professor Wojech Radomski, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
  • Professor Shanmugam, Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia
  • Mr Ian Sloane, Connell Wagner Limited, New Zealand
  • Professor Jiri Strasky, Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic




Opening plenary session: State-of-the-art in long-span bridges

  • A new approach to geometric control of ultra-long span cable stay bridges
  • Incheon Bridge – fast track design check of the cable stayed bridge
  • Stonecutters Bridge – detailed design and construction of the superstructure
  • Stonecutters Bridge – design and construction of the towers
  • Advancements in long span bridge construction: the Stonecutters Bridge experience

Theme one: Lessons that can be learnt from the past

  • Arnodin and structural durability
  • Newcastle high-level bridge – refurbishment and strengthening of a historic road/rail bridge
  • Rebuilding the Alexander Hamilton Bridge – the future of bridge construction
  • Experience with application of various slab-on-girder bridge systems in Slovakia
  • Condition assessment and retrofitting of an old reinforced  concrete arch bridge

Theme two: Advances in the understanding of the structural behaviour of bridges

  • Investigation of mechanical properties of corroded reinforcement using simulated corrosion
  • Some design improvements for integral bridges
  • Influence of locked-in girder stress on the design of suspension bridges
  • Influence of analysis models and damping method to nonlinear earthquake response of complex bridges
  • Long-term earth pressure measurements of two large-span flexible culverts in Norway
  • Three-dimensional seismic response analysis of self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridge with response spectrum method

Theme three: Durability, structural reliability, risk management and health monitoring

  • Assessment of the dynamic behaviour of Jamuna multi-purpose bridge through noise study
  • Reliability analysis of pre-stressed bridge girders: comparison of Chinese codes (1989), (2004) and AASHTO LRFD specifications (2005)
  • Experience and results of experimental testing of bridges in Croatia
  • Numerical analysis of carrying capacity deterioration of existing reinforced concrete bridge and repair demand

Theme four: Bridge management and its relationship with infrastructure management

  • Accelerating the renewal of America’s highway bridges
  • Achieving best value and minimising disruption through bridge management plans
  • Effective governance of bridge management: UK example
  • Design of rehabilitation and refurbishment of existing r. c. bridges

Theme five: Innovation in bridge design, construction and repair

  • Strengthening of bridges using CFRP composites
  • Design of two curve cable stayed bridges with overlapped girders supported by a single “X” shape tower, Real Park Complex description in São Paulo – Brazil
  • New developments in underwater pile repair using fibre reinforced polymers
  • Rehabilitation design of a bascule bridge – including jacking up an 800-ton bascule leaf
  • An asymmetric curved cable stayed bridge in Parma (Italy)
  • Bridge widening – stitching a steel girder reinforced concrete composite bridge to a post-tensioned prestressed voided deck structure
  • The design and construction of the Pasteur-Cikapayang-Surapati elevated road and bridge project in Bandung, Indonesia
  • Horizontally curved composite plate girders
  • Assessment of stress conditions of a seismically damaged cable-stayed bridge after repair
  • Tiawan high speed rail project: the structures and quality management system – a case study
  • Self-consolidating concrete for on-site bridge applications
  • Design and construction of Otanerua Eco-Viaduct, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Identification of an FRP Deck using Iterative Training of Neutral Network
  • Structural optimization of the cable stayed arch
  • Underslung cable structures – a feasible alternative?
  • Six signature bridges in the People’s Republic of China
  • Aerodynamic study of cable oscillations and mitigation measures for long-span bridges
  • The lightweight aluminium panel for bridge redecking
  • Influence of erection method on consumption of prestressing steel in superstructure of prestressed concrete bridges
  • Strengthening of arched masonry bridges with retrofitting reinforcement – research and practice
  • Construction of the precast segmental approach structures for Sutong Bridge
  • New technologies used in construction of a cable-stayed bridge: Binzhou Yellow River Bridge in Shandong Province in China
  • Analysis on the influence for the main cable’s manufacturing error on the mechanical properties of the spatial cable-net self-suspension bridge

Theme six: The future of condition monitoring, assessment and maintenance

  • Novel testing facility to evaluate the structural reliability on large bridge elements subjected to tension
  • Improved safe-life prediction of existing bridge structures
  • Two case studies of the management of bridges diagnosed with delayed ettringite formation
  • A protype of bridge monitoring system under ubiquitous environment

Theme seven: Measure and monitoring of bridge deformations and deflection

  • Monitoring of highway bridges in areas under mining exploitation influence
  • Deflections and frequency responses of the Forth Road Bridge measure by GPS
  • Using GPS to measure the deflections and frequency responses of the London Millennium Bridge
  • The potential of a ground based transceiver (LocataLite) network for structural monitoring of bridges
  • Innovation and experience in GNSS bridge real time 3D-monitoring system

Closing plenary session: From the past to the future

  • R C Arch bridges – lessons from the past and future developments
  • A thousand-metre span cable-stayed bridge across Yangtze River – Sutong Bridge
  • Key technologies in the tower structure of Suton cable-stayed bridge
  • Construction geometry control of the 268m span prestressed concrete box girder bridge over 2nd Navigation Channel of Sutong Bridge
  • Design of a new self-anchored suspension bridge with space Reticulate cable
  • Optimisation of bridge management strategy based on time-dependent reliability and pre-posterior decision analysis


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