Bone Marrow Lymphoid Infiltrates: Diagnosis and Clinical Impact

Bone Marrow Lymphoid Infiltrates: Diagnosis and Clinical Impact
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Anul publicării: 2013
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Bone Marrow Lymphoid Infiltrates: Diagnosis and Clinical Impact, describes the art of evaluating bone marrow lymphoid infiltrates in the context of their broad spectrum of normal, reactive and malignant status. Reference to the pathogenesis, clinical presentation and outcome complements the diagnostic parameters in each lymphoid disease entity. Physiological lymphoid development, microenvironmental factors and aging changes are unfolded in relation to their influential role in normal and pathological lymphoid conditions. The basic principles and gold standards that should govern a biopsy sample are given in detail, while the establishment of modern techniques is described in terms of their applicability, drawbacks and perspectives.

The 15 chapters that make up this book are the end product of the collaboration amongst European and American experts in different fields, each recognized in their own right for their contribution to bone marrow pathology, clinical approaches and management of lymphoid neoplasms as well as extensive knowledge of modern ancillary techniques.

This monograph aims to cover in depth all aspects of bone marrow lymphoid infiltrates, in the context of their wide spectrum of benign,borderline and malignant expressions. As the bone marrow is no longer considered a selective diagnostic procedure in the field of haematopathology and haematology,but a routine need to other subspecialists, we intend to provide a comprehensive treatise for beginners and experienced practitioners alike who deal with patients that are investigated or treated for lymphomas and lymphoid leukemias, manifest with laboratory or clinical signs suspicious for haematological diseases or show features mimicking haematological conditions.

New Insights in the Development of Human B Lymphocytes.- The Aging Lymphocyte.- The bone marrow microenvironment and its impact in acute and chronic B- cell malignancies.- The expanding diagnostic role of flow cytometry in bone marrow studies of patients with lymphomas and plasma cell disorders.- The application of molecular techniques on trephine bone marrow Trephines.- Residual disease assessment and its role in monitoring lymphoid and plasma cell neoplasms.- Reporting of bone marrow lymphoid infiltrates.- Janus-faced lymphoid infiltrates.- Singularities in pediatric bone marrow lymphoid processes.- Bone marrow involvement in primary mature B and T cell leukemias.- A step forward in the diagnosis of B-cell lymphomas in the bone marrow.- New insights in Waldenström’s Macroglobulinaemia.- Bone marrow in Hodgkin lymphoma and mimickers.- Misleading features of bone marrow involvement by peripheral T-cell lymphomas.- Systematic mastocytosis associated with lymphoproliferative disorders (SM-AHNMD).


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